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The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is underway in Davos, Switzerland. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed the meeting, explaining that the Russian invasion of Ukraine sped up the journey towards a climate-neutral Europe and Germany. 

“Germany wants to be climate-neutral by 2045 while remaining a strong industrial country,” he said. “But we cannot ensure a climate-neutral future by going it alone. That’s why exchange at the World Economic Forum in Davos is so important.”

In his speech, Scholz referenced Germany’s new liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure, which demonstrates that Germany can act quickly and efficiently in finding solutions for cleaner energy that are better than fossil fuels.

The Chancellor also highlighted Germany’s long-term goals. By the year 2030, 80 percent of Germany’s electricity production will come from renewable sources, Scholz said. This is double what it is today.

“Whether business leader, climate activist or security policy specialist, it is crystal-clear to all of us that the future belongs to renewables. For cost reasons, for environmental reasons, for security reasons – and because they promise better returns,” he said. 

In other news, Germany has a new defense minister, Boris Pistorius! Meanwhile, Germany said it will deliver 40 Marder vehicles and one Patriot system to Ukraine in the coming weeks, and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visited the East Ukrainian city of Kharkiv this month. Read more about these topics and more in this week’s newsletter.


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Davos 2023: Special address by Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor 

Olaf Scholz addressed the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos explaining how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has sped up the journey towards a climate-neutral Europe and Germany.

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Boris Pistorius to become Germany's new defense minister

Germany has a new defense minister: SPD politician and former interior minister of Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius, will succeed the outgoing incumbent, Christine Lambrecht. Shortly after taking office, Minister Pistorius welcomed his US counterpart, Secretary of Defense  Lloyd J. Austin to Berlin. Their talks addressed coordination on NATO issues, the Indo-Pacific and tomorrow’s meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Ramstein.

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12.5 billion euro in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief for Ukraine

Ukraine is defending Europe’s freedom, too. Germany therefore stands in strong solidarity with the people of Ukraine and is providing billions in aid – support that is by far not limited to military equipment. Read on for more details about what Germany is doing to help.

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Germany will deliver around 40 Marder vehicles and one Patriot system to Ukraine in Q1

Germany said this month that it will deliver around 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine before the end of March, and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said Berlin could ultimately send its entire functioning fleet of the weapons. President Biden and Chancellor Scholz are determined to provide Ukraine with the support that’s necessary, for as long as needed.

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Germany says it wants to increase pressure on Iran after latest executions

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz condemned Iran for using the death penalty against demonstrators, and his spokesperson said Berlin wanted to crank up pressure on the Iranian authorities with new international measures.

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"We will continue our commitment and collaboration"

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to further strengthen the good relations between Germany and Iraq. The two heads of government agreed on a work program to structure collaboration between the two countries during the new Iraqi Prime Minister's visit. Gas supplies are also being discussed.

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Second German LNG terminal goes into operation

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck inaugurate a second terminal for liquefied natural gas in Lubmin.

European Commission outlines plan for clean tech future

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed a "Net Zero Industry Act" to boost clean tech. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, she also vowed to support Ukraine "as long as it takes."

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Now in its 39th year, the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) remains a central pillar of German-U.S. people-to-people diplomacy. Last week, German participants in the program visited the German Embassy as part of their Civic Education Workshop—a highlight of the yearlong exchange, which brings all 75 participants from across the USA to Washington, DC. The visit included a diplomatic simulation with the National Museum of American Diplomacy, a panel on German-American relations, and a luncheon with embassy diplomats, but not before German Embassy and U.S. Department of State representatives presented December CBYX German participant of the month Tabea Mailander with a special award and tokens of appreciation.


How an Airbnb disaster led to a beautiful friendship between two Germans and two Americans

When a huge plumbing disaster strikes, most Airbnb guests would pack their bags and demand their money back, while their hosts would glumly write off their profits and try to forget about it. But for two German travelers and their American hosts, a calamitous Airbnb situation turned into a continent-spanning, five-years-and-counting friendship.

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