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Germany is substantially expanding its tech production. Last week, in collaboration with German partners, the Taiwanese firm TSMC announced an advanced semiconductor facility in Dresden. As Chancellor Scholz said about TSMC’s decision, it shows “Germany is an attractive business location, a country in which billions are invested in the most modern technology.” Overall, it’s good news for German economics and wider European security. 


And it’s not only an investment in Germany as a hub of innovation - German Ambassador to the U.S. Andreas Michaelis underlined that, “above all, our ability to manufacture chips will significantly improve the diversity of our supply chains.”


German leadership in building a sustainable and efficient economy through innovation made headlines. Germany will harmonize economic growth with environmental stewardship by investing €212 billion towards climate protection and economic transformation by 2027. Meanwhile, Germany has also embarked on a remarkable journey towards Industry 4.0, powered by the concept of cutting-edge smart factories.


German foreign and security policy remains committed to strengthening democracy, the international order and human rights. This is also reflected in Germany´s strong military support for Ukraine´s fight against Putin´s war of aggression where two additional Patriot systems from Germany have recently been delivered to Ukraine - “exactly as promised,” as Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said. At the same time, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock confirmed that relations with the oppressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan cannot be normalized. 


Finally this week, two German world travelers came to the German Embassy in DC to speak about inclusion and diversity. And we present to you a new way to get to know the diverse people who we call ‘Germans’...




The Germany for Americans Team


Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Thanks Chancellor Scholz for Two New Patriot Systems

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Germany for two additional Patriot air defense system launchers. It’s part of Germany’s wider support of Ukraine’s defense.

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Baerbock: Taliban Government Regressing Afghanistan ‘Towards the Stone Age’

“Two years of Taliban rule mean two years of regression towards the Stone Age for the people of Afghanistan,” the German Foreign Minister said. Millions of people in the country are suffering from hunger, and almost every week the Taliban are taking away another part of the freedom from women and girls, she added ruling out any normalization of relations with the Taliban government.

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Pioneering an Innovative Path: German Government Approves 212 Billion Euro Budget for Climate Fund

The transition to a climate-friendly economy represents an unprecedented opportunity to harmonize economic growth with environmental stewardship. Therefore, Germany invests €212 billion towards climate protection and economic transformation by the year 2027. This substantial financial commitment will flow through a dedicated resource known as the "Climate Fund," distinct from the federal budget. The fund's primary objective is to provide funding for pivotal initiatives, including industrial decarbonization, the bolstering of renewable energy sources and electric mobility, and the energy-efficient revitalization of buildings

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Tech production Made in Germany: Chip Industry Hub Diversifying Supply Chains in Dresden

In collaboration with German partners, the Taiwanese firm TSMC is spearheading the establishment of an advanced semiconductor facility in Germany as part of efforts to further expand the array of its production locations.

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Smart Factories from Germany: The Industry of the Future

Germany, renowned for its precision engineering and industrial prowess, has embarked on a remarkable journey towards Industry 4.0, powered by the concept of smart factories. These advanced manufacturing facilities are integrating cutting-edge technologies to redefine industrial processes and set new benchmarks for efficiency, quality, and innovation.

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Hurdle the World Visits the German Embassy in DC

We hosted two travelers at our Embassy, Alex and Lovis from Hurdle the World (@Hurdle_the_World on Instagram). They’ve been to nearly every continent with a goal to raise global awareness for disability and inclusion. The efforts for inclusion have this higher purpose of making the world a more equitable and welcoming place for all: “With us, not about us,” as Alex said.


Our Social and Labor Counsellor, Yasmin Hilpert, hosted the two at the Embassy and spoke about an inclusive labor force, and idea exchanges with American policymakers. Follow the link to see a short video of the encounter.


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Understand Germany Better and Meet the Germans

"Meet the Germans," a multimedia series curated by Deutsche Welle, delves into the rich tapestry of everyday life and language in Germany through an array of captivating videos, engaging picture galleries, and insightful articles. This comprehensive exploration unravels the distinctive facets that define German culture, encapsulating everything from the tantalizing world of cuisine to the annals of history, from the quirks of idiomatic expressions to ingenious grammar hacks. Through this series, audiences are treated to an immersive journey, gaining not only a deeper understanding of Germany but also an appreciation for its intricate nuances that make it truly unique.


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