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GermanyinUSA is the home of the monthly newsletter “Germany for Americans”, produced by the German Embassy in Washington, DC. For the embassy’s official website, visit Germany.info.

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Find a Sister City partnership near you!

The US-German friendship is sustained at all levels, including through city and citizen diplomacy. The US and Germany maintain approximately 100 sister city partnerships across 31 states, which foster collaboration on climate resilience, business partnerships, cultural exchange, and more. Sister Cities International strengthens these city partnerships to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time.

As part of Sister Cities International’s partnership with the German Embassy in Washington, they have published this interactive map of all US-German sister city partnerships. To get involved in a local partnership, use the map to find a nearby city with a German partner and then click on the icon to find a link to the partnership’s website. If interested in forming a new partnership, more resources are available here.


For more information on Sister City International’s partnership with Wunderbar Together, visit their webpage here or contact Alexandra Hoenscheid. More information on Sister Cities International is also available on their website here.