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An exciting week for Germany in the Winter Olympics

Excitement is running high as we head into the final days of the Winter Olympics. Today, Germany beat Canada 4-3 in the men’s ice hockey semi-finals. Many were surprised by the result, since Canada has been a nine-time Olympic Champion in the sport and rarely settles for a bronze. Germany will play against Russia in the finals on Sunday – you can be sure that we’ll be watching!

Germany also won a record-breaking Nordic combined gold this week. Johannes Ryzdek took the gold, Gabian Riessle took silver and Eric Frenzel received the bronze medal to complete the sweep.

“It’s crazy. We didn’t expect that before the Games.” Rydzek told NBC News. “I know we are in good shape but we have not all worked together before. We always believed in us and had good spirit here in PyeongChang.”

So far, Germany has won 13 gold medals and 26 medals total. The nation has the second-highest number of medals behind Norway (which has 13 gold and 37 total).  We’re eager to see what happens in the final rounds!

By Nicole Glass, German Embassy

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