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Leipzig Book Fair kicks off with 2,500 exhibitors

Are you searching for some book recommendations? The Leipzig Book Fair may give you some ideas!

The Leipzig Book Fair is the oldest and second-largest book fair in Germany, and it’s taking place right now! The four-day event, which will be held until March 24, attracted around 197,000 visitors last year and is sure to attract just as many this year. Throughout the event, there are author readings, writing workshops, award ceremonies and sales presentations. New publications are often presented at the Leipzig Book Fair, making it a great place for new authors to gain exposure.

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This year’s guest of honor is the Czech Republic, and 70 Czech books from 60 different authors – all translated into German – are showcased at the fair, exposing their work to new markets.

Germany has around 50 literature festivals every year, but its two book fairs (the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Leipzig Book Fair) are the most popular. In the year 1632, the Leipzig Book Fair became Germany’s largest, but it was overtaken by Frankfurt’s in 1945. The Leipzig Book Fair suffered under the Cold War’s communist rule, but reemerged after a hiatus in 1991. Since then, it has steadily grown, and this year, more than 2,500 exhibitors from 50 different countries will demonstrate the importance of literature, both in Germany and the world. While the Frankfurt Book Fair is by far the largest, the Leipzig Book Fair is sometimes considered the “readers’ fair”. With a Manga-Comic-Con – one of Europe’s largest comic events – as part of this fair, you’re also likely to see young book-reading superheroes walking through the halls!

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