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An eventful month is behind us. 

In June, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other European leaders visited Kyiv and advocated for Ukraine to become a candidate country for membership of the European Union. "Ukraine belongs to the European family," Scholz said. Shortly after, EU member states voted unanimously to grant Ukraine EU candidate status.

Later that month, world leaders gathered at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria for the G7 Summit hosted by Germany, which holds the G7 Presidency this year. They planned additional support for Ukraine, launched a new ~$600 billion infrastructure initiative and launched a Climate Club, among other outcomes. "We stay united, we stay together," Chancellor Scholz said at the Summit

The NATO Summit also took place in June and leaders agreed to a new Strategic Concept to "defend our territory and safeguard our freedom and democracy." Germany pledged to provide 15,000 soldiers and 65 jets to NATO's Rapid Reaction Force. 

Read more about the G7, NATO and other German-American news in this week's edition of "Germany for Americans".


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G7 announces tougher sanctions against Russia

The G7 has pledged financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic assistance to Ukraine for an unlimited period in the war against Russia. "We will support Ukraine for as long as it takes," the Heads of State and Government stress in a joint statement.

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“A signal of clarity and strength”

The G7 countries are working together as close friends and allies – this was stressed by Federal Chancellor Scholz after the Summit in Elmau. “The meeting was an impressive demonstration of our unity and our determination,” he said. The G7 fully supports Ukraine, plans to fight world hunger and is leading the way in climate protection.

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Baerbock calls for an effort to combat famine

German Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told an international conference in Berlin that 345 million women, children and men are threatened by food shortages. 

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“Ukraine belongs in the European family”

Chancellor Scholz met Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kyiv and stressed his continued support for the country in its defensive struggle against Russia. In addition, he said, he would push for Ukraine to be given the status of an EU candidate country. Visiting the suburb of Irpin, Federal Chancellor Scholz expressed his shock at the destruction he saw there.

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NATO to become bigger and stronger

Sweden and Finland are to be admitted as new members and the rapid reaction forces are to be massively increased. Germany will contribute at least one division.

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Share of green electricity significantly increased

Almost half of the electricity produced in Germany in the first six months of the year came from renewable energies.

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"An economic attack on us by Putin"

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck announced the second level of the gas emergency plan in June. The alert level now applies. Previously, Russia had reduced its gas deliveries, resulting in a considerable deterioration in the supply situation. The Federal Government is taking measures to save gas. 

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The German Embassy attends the Pride Parade

In June we walked with the EU Delegation at the Capital Pride Parade in Washington, D.C. We had a great time at the parade and were excited to be a part of it. We were part of approximately 90 people walking alongside the EU Delegation and we loved seeing the enthusiasm of the attendees for pride and the EU! During the parade, we handed out pride flags, EU flags, Germany flags and Ukraine flags, as well as some goodies and giveaways from our country (like gummy bears). 

Here in the United States, the month of June is LGBTQ Pride Month – the month chosen to coincide with the Stonewall riots of 1969. Meanwhile, Berlin is preparing for its own parade on July 23, known as Christopher Street Day Berlin or simply “Berlin Pride.”

The US legalized same-sex marriage in 2015 and Germany legalized it in 2017. Pride parades on both sides of the Atlantic demonstrate the importance of inclusion in both the US and Germany. 


Berlin: 9 reasons why the German capital city isn't very German at all

In all sorts of ways, from diet to fashion, Berlin really goes against the German grain. Rachel Stewart gives you the rundown for Meet the Germans.

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