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Last week, German Ambassadors from all over the world gathered at the Foreign Office in Berlin for an annual conference to discuss foreign policy topics, including the war in Ukraine, the global food crisis, climate and securing democracy. The conference was led by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who said that the "elephant in the room is the energy question. That will be the central question that will really test our mettle in the coming months." The Foreign Minister also emphasized the importance of communication in the ambassadors' home countries. The key to proactive communication is listening while also taking firm stances and making counterarguments when necessary, she said. 

Meanwhile, the world said goodbye to one of its beloved leaders. As Britain's Queen Elizabeth II passed away, German leaders came together to send their condolences to the British Royal Family. "Queen Elizabeth is a woman who has shaped a century, in the United Kingdom and worldwide," German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. "Her Majesty was held in the highest esteem and respect throughout the world. Here in Germany, she was admired and revered."


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Baerbock highlights importance of Feminist Foreign Policy

Germany's foreign minister stresses importance of feminist foreign policy at international conference in Berlin.

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Foreign policy: Baerbock encourages German ambassadors to engage in proactive communication

At the annual conference of German ambassadors in Berlin, Germany's foreign minister encouraged participants to engage in more proactive communication, which involves both listening and engaging in counterarguments. She emphasized the importance of holding a "willingness to take a firm stand, not as a matter of principle, but when our freedom and our values are called into question."

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Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II

Germany's Federal President Steinmeier: Here in Germany, she was admired and revered.

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German Foreign Minister Baerbock visits Ukraine

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock continues to assure Ukraine of her support upon her arrival in Kiev.

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Germany must accept leading military role, says defense minister

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has said Germany must take on a leadership role militarily, whether it wants to or not. "Germany does not have to be afraid" of doing so, she said. 

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Commemorating 50 years of the Olympic massacre

During the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped eleven Israeli hostages. The hostage drama ended in bloodshed. Chancellor Scholz declared that Germany would face up to its responsibility and agreed to compensate the families of the victims with 28 million euros. 

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Relief package worth 65 billion euros

In order to cushion the rising cost of living, the German government has decided on numerous measures to ease the burden on citizens. 

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Giving nature more space

The UN is fighting biodiversity loss - and the LLF, a fund set up on Germany's initiative, is supporting them

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What is a German "Mettigel" and why is everyone talking about it?

A slip of the tongue during a serious speech on drugs by a Bavarian leader has prompted many laughs and a debate on the German "Mettigel".

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