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On October 3, Germany celebrated German Unity Day (“Tag der Deutschen Einheit”) – a national holiday that commemorates the reunification of East and West Germany 32 years ago.  The path to unification began with the fall of the Berlin Wall nearly a year prior, as well as months of political negotiations leading up to October 3, 1990.

Each year, the German Embassy celebrates this historic anniversary with a reception for many of our American friends in Washington. “Because without the strong support of the United States, German unity would not have been achieved,” German Ambassador Emily Haber said.

This year, the Ambassador recognized that we are celebrating at a difficult moment – after Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine. But it is a moment that also highlights our close, intense and trusting cooperation with the US. 

“Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine marks the beginning of a new era,” the Ambassador said. “In this new era, one thing that remains as important as before is the shared values and the strong partnership between the United States of America and Germany, between the United States of America and Europe. So as we celebrate reunification, we also celebrate the history and the future of this partnership.”


The "Germany for Americans" Team


No recognition of sham referendums

Chancellor Scholz has said that Germany will not accept the result of the sham referendums and will continue to support Ukraine with undiminished strength.

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Scholz at the UN


“Time” sees Baerbock as rising star

The US magazine sees Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock as one of the world’s 100 rising personalities.

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Military support for Ukraine

Germany provides support for Ukraine by supplying equipment and weapons, these come from supplies of the Federal Arms Forces and from deliveries from industry financed from the Federal Government’s funds for security capacity building. An overview.

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Baerbock: Death of young Iranian woman is matter for UN Human Rights Council

Germany’s foreign minister announces on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly that Germany intends to bring the case before the Human Rights Council.

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“COP of solidarity”

Minister of State Anna Lührmann talks about Germany’s objectives for the international climate change conference and for the need for solidarity at COP27.

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“Protective shield” against energy crisis

A gigantic new aid package of up to 200 billion euros is to protect consumers and companies from soaring energy prices.

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Nobel Prize in Medicine for Leipzig researcher

The Swedish researcher Svante Pääbo, who works in Leipzig, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on human evolution.

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Celebrating German Unity Day with our American friends

We invited our American friends to join us at the Ambassador’s Residence to celebrate German Unity Day. The reception featured cuisine from all regions of Germany, new and old German cars (such as the famous “Trabant”), a replica of the Berlin Wall, musical performances and a traditional “Biergarten”.

View the Ambassador's video message


How to Enjoy an Authentic Oktoberfest

Fall is full of Oktoberfest events, the annual celebration of Bavarian culture. But with so many German-inspired festivals, how do you tell which is authentic? Tommy McFly asked the German Embassy.

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