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Friday marked the 1-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and German leaders assured Ukrainians that Germany would continue to stand by their side.

Germany reacted quickly to the invasion, taking in over 1 million refugees, applying sanctions alongside partners, and weaning off Russian energy. Germany is the largest EU donor to Ukraine, providing Leopard tanks, Marder vehicles, a Patriot Air System, Howitzers, etc., as well as ammunition and training. On Thursday, Germany announced that it would supply four more Leopard 2 A6 battle tanks to Ukraine, bringing the German total to 18.

On the anniversary of the invasion, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also reaffirmed that Germany wants “nothing more than peace. Peace for the people of Ukraine who are exposed to Russian terror every day. Peace for all people around the world who are suffering as a result of this war of aggression.”

“For us, the path to peace is clear,” she continued. “Russia must finally abide by the United Nations Charter again. Withdraw its troops, stop the bombardments. So that the suffering, the deaths, the rapes, the hunger, the freezing can end. To end this war that none of us ever wanted.”

Meanwhile, Germany is also providing support for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. And last week, Minister Baerbock and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser traveled to the earthquake zone in Turkey to see the damage for themselves and coordinate further aid and support.

"Our sympathy does not stop at just words and will also not wane when the disaster and its repercussions are no longer front-page news. We know that the people in the region will need tremendous strength and energy for the reconstruction process," Minister Baerbock said.

Germany has pledged around $115 million in aid for Turkey and Syria, while also easing visa entry restrictions for survivors who have friends or family in Germany.


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Steinmeier reaffirms Germany’s solidarity with Ukraine

One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany’s top-level politicians have gathered. Their message: “You can rely on Germany.” Germany is Ukraine’s largest supporter on the European continent, also in military terms.

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United for peace in Ukraine

A broad majority in the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution aimed at bringing about a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine. The resolution reaffirms the territorial integrity of Ukraine and once again calls upon Russia to withdraw its troops from the country.

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Promoting international law and a rules-based order: Foreign Minister Baerbock in Geneva

Foreign Minister Baerbock was travelling to Geneva to attend the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council and the Conference on Disarmament. International human rights protection as well as disarmament and arms control are coming under increasing pressure, not least due to the Russian war of aggression.

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Germany is helping the people affected by the earthquakes: Foreign Minister Baerbock and Federal Interior Minister Faeser travel to Turkey

On 21 February, Foreign Minister Baerbock was travelling together with Interior Minister Faeser to south-eastern Turkey, which has been especially hard hit by the earthquakes. You can read here who the Ministers met there and what Germany is doing to help those affected in Turkey and Syria.

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"Ukraine belongs in our midst – in a free, united Europe"

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Federal Chancellor Scholz made clear that Germany would continue to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian offensive "as comprehensively as possible and for as long as necessary". In collaboration with its international partners, he said, Germany would continue to provide military support but always being careful to avoid a war between NATO and Russia.

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Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran – Foreign Minister Baerbock at the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels

The EU Foreign Ministers met in Brussels on Monday February 20 and discussed further support for Ukraine as well as people in Iran and Afghanistan. In addition, the two new packages of sanctions against Russia and Iran have been on the agenda.

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Scholz in favor of deepening relations

During a two-day state visit to India, German Chancellor Scholz has emphasized his country’s great interest in economic and political cooperation. Among other things, he voiced support for significantly expanding the immigration of skilled workers from India, especially from the IT sector.

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“A question of political will”

Kira Vinke studies the grave consequences of climate change for people all over the world and calls for swift action to be taken. 

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#StandwithUkraine: German Embassy employees stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people on the 1-year anniversary of the war

On February 24, German Embassy diplomats and staff wore blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, to show support on the 1-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The German Embassy also displayed the Ukrainian flag as an additional sign of support. As German Ambassador Emily Haber said that day, "It's been a year since Putin's war began. The German people and government remain steadfast in their support for the people of Ukraine. We are the second largest donor to Ukraine after the US, committing billions in military, humanitarian, and refugee aid."


Berlinale honors Steven Spielberg for lifetime achievement

The 2023 Berlinale film festival paid tribute to Steven Spielberg with the Honorary Golden Bear, an award recognizing his lifetime achievement.  The director of "Jaws," "Schindler's List" and most recently "The Fabelmans" took home the Honorary Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival. The Hollywood titan shines in all film genres.

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