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On May 9, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, emphasizing the importance of Europe Day as a response to destructive nationalism and imperialist megalomania that led to World War II. He noted that thanks to the EU, war between European nations has become inconceivable. A strong, united Europe is also a valuable partner for the US and the world, he said, which means a Europe investing in its security and defense, in technological sovereignty and independence in critical raw materials. The US continues to be Europe’s most important ally while Europe’s relationship with China is “aptly described by the ‘partner, competitor, systemic rival’ trio – although rivalry and competition have undoubtedly increased,” he said.

Meanwhile in Washington, the US and German governments participated in their annual Holocaust Dialogue and announced significant progress of this ongoing project. Launched in 2021 by Secretary of State Blinken and former Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the Holocaust Dialogue focuses on combatting Holocaust distortion online, bolsters professional education and confronts efforts to rewrite Holocaust history. German Ambassador Emily Haber stated that “remembering the Holocaust and combatting the distortion of facts is our mission.”

And finally, a large German delegation attended the Select USA Summit in early May to advance German-US investments. German investment in the US has created nearly a million American jobs and this investment amounted to $637 billion in 2021.

And for those of you located in the Washington, DC region: come visit the German and French Embassies at 4101 Reservoir Road between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 13. Our annual EU Open House will provide visitors with a glimpse of German and French culture, cuisine, history and more. Plus, you’ll be able to chat with diplomats and staff from both countries to learn more about our work! We hope to see you there.    


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Scholz: Europe Day is response to imperialist megalomania

In an address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has stressed the importance of Europe Day. He said that the 9th of May was the only correct response to the Second World War unleashed by Germany, to destructive nationalism and to imperialist megalomania. In addition, Scholz stressed: “War between our nations has become inconceivable – thanks to the European Union, and to the good fortune of us all.” However, this dream is not a reality in all the countries of Europe, he said with reference to Ukraine’s now 14-month defensive struggle against the Russian invasion.

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Germany commemorates Day of Liberation

On May 8, Germany and many other countries commemorate the liberation from National Socialism 78 years ago. On 8 May 1945, the Second World War ended in Europe when the German armed forces, the Wehrmacht, surrendered. Most of the concentration camps had been liberated by that time, including Auschwitz by Soviet troops on 27 January 1945 and Buchenwald by the Americans on 11 April 1945. The Second World War cost 60 to 70 million soldiers and civilians their lives. More than six million people were murdered in concentration and extermination camps. As Ambassador Haber wrote on Twitter: "Never again."

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Joint Statement by the Governments of USA and Germany on the Dialogue on Holocaust Issues

The Governments of the U.S. and Germany announced significant progress in their Dialogue on Holocaust Issues.  Secretary of State Blinken and then-Federal Foreign Minister Maas launched the Dialogue in 2021 to counter the rise in Holocaust denial and distortion - a dangerous development that undermines freedom, democracy, and security – and to contribute to a world in which knowledge about the Holocaust is abundant, based on facts, and serves as a foundation for tackling today´s challenges at an early stage. The U.S. Department of State, the German Federal Foreign Office, the German Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum participate in the Dialogue, which last took place in early May.

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14th Petersberg Climate Dialogue: An important milestone for climate negotiations leading up to COP28

The focus of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue is on laying the groundwork for the COP28 Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates. To this end, representatives from over 40 countries met at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The central goal of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue was to strengthen trust in multilateral climate negotiations and to facilitate the negotiations leading up to COP28. Although many countries share the goal of reducing emissions and expanding renewable energies around the globe, these are not easy negotiations.

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To keep 1.5 alive, the expansion of renewables must be tripled by 2030. As a large carbon dioxide emitter, the US has a crucial role to play in accelerating the energy transition. Foreign Minister Baerbock thanked Climate Envoy Kerry for his dedication in containing the climate crisis.

Federal Chancellor Scholz announced that Germany would be contributing another two billion euros to the Green Climate Fund that will benefit emerging and developing countries. The money is used to fund climate protection projects, help countries adapt to climate change and establish a more climate-friendly economy.

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President Steinmeier warns of extreme consequences of climate change

The Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier concluded his visit to Canada with a trip to the Arctic where he reminded his audience of the responsibility borne by the global community in the fight against climate change.

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Launch of Germany-wide 49-euro ticket

Planning a trip to Germany? On May 1, Germany introduced a ticket for local public transport that costs €49/month and is valid nationwide. The ticket, which is sold by most regional transport operators as well as the national rail operator Deutsche Bahn, allows for unlimited travel across Germany and may be purchased by Germans and tourists alike.

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Project launch of new Infineon semiconductor factory in Dresden

As the Federal Chancellor pointed out, semiconductors are used in everything from wind turbines and photovoltaic systems to heat pumps and electric cars. That is why the construction of a new semiconductor factory in Dresden is great news for the energy transition as well as for Germany and the rest of Europe, as it will secure jobs, economic prosperity, and the future.

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Germany and France team up to clean up

Staff from the French and German embassies banded together on April 29 in a litter cleanup of a part of Rock Creek Park that stretches through Washington, DC. Supported by Rock Creek Conservancy, a local environmental organization focusing on clearing Rock Creek and its tributaries of litter and the park of non-native invasives, the group spent two hours collecting trash. They learned that Rock Creek Park is home to two endangered species, the tiny Hay’s Spring Amphipod and Northern Long-eared Bat. 

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