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Germany's decision to acquire an advanced missile defense system from Israel resonates as a profound step towards ensuring European airspace security. This substantial investment in modern US Israeli defense technology not only safeguards its own skies but sets a precedent for other European nations to prioritize cutting-edge security measures in a rapidly changing global security landscape.


Germany and the US are doing whatever we can in order to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia's aggression. Today, Germany is the second largest donor to Ukraine after the US. While  Germany is the largest host of Ukranian refugees and has currently taken over 1.1 million refugees, Germany is also the largest European donor of military aid to Ukraine. In this newsletter we inform you about Germany' s provisions of military equipment, including advanced and heavy weapons.


As the biggest economy in Europe Germany is a strong economic partner of the US. “When the US and Germany invest in one another, we create hundreds of thousands of jobs”, says Andreas Michaelis the German Ambassador the United States. German investments in the US are impressive - we provide you with the figures.


Did you know that the World' s largest video games fair is held in Germany? This year Gamescom even hit new records. The gaming industry is also an important sector of the German economy.


As far as movies are concerned, this summer was all about “Barbenheimer”. The movies “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” fascinated millions of viewers in the US, in Germany and in many other countries. Both, Oppenheimer and Barbie have links to Germany as Feli from Germany is telling us.


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Germany to buy missile defense system from Israel in multi-billion dollar deal

The German Armed Forces will deploy the most modern weapons system of its kind to defend European airspace from 2025.

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Germany is the largest European donor of military aid to Ukraine

Germany is at the forefront of providing Western military equipment, including advanced and heavy weapons. End of August Germany delivered another 10 Leopard 1 tanks, an air surveillance radar, a field hospital and 16 reconnaissance drones.

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“When it comes to the economy, I'm optimistic”


Said the German Ambassador to the United States Andreas Michaelis when he recently met with Heads of members of the German American Business Council for a Welcome Dinner Roundtable Discussion. Renowned German businesses from various sectors were represented, such as Bayer and Fresenius Medical Care for the pharmaceutical sector, BMW and Volkswagen for the automotive industry, Lidl, Haribo and many more.


Together we are stronger: Germany is a powerful economic partner of the U.S.


German companies have invested more than 600 billion USD in the U.S. and created 900.000 jobs.


Click here to find out more about German-American business relations.

Gamescom - The World’s gaming community met in Cologne at the World's largest video game fair

This year Gamescom hit new records: 320.00 visitors from over 100 countries live in Cologne and a record-breaking international digital reach with more than 180 million video views and over 20 million views for gamescom Opening Night. The games community once again met in Cologne and the gaming industry in Germany is big.

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What do Barbie and Oppenheimer have to do with Germany?

Feli from Germany is telling you all about it and about 5 major inventions from Germany. Just follow the Link.

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