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Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel and Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine have triggered crises to which Germany and the USA are responding in close transatlantic coordination.

Together, we recognize Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas terror within the framework of international law, while urging de-escalation, advocating for as well as contributing to increased humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, and working diplomatically to free the hostages still held by Hamas terrorists. The German and U.S. governments share the view that only a two-state solution can create lasting peace in the Middle East. At the same time, both governments are taking decisive political action against the completely unacceptable wave of anti-Semitism in their countries.

The USA and Germany are the most important supporters of Ukraine in its fight against Putin's war of aggression. For both governments, the brave Ukrainians on the battlefields are defending our international order that is ultimately necessary for all of us to live in freedom and democracy. Therefore, continuing to support Ukraine - with weapons, taking in Ukrainian refugees or providing humanitarian aid - is in everyone's interest. The fight against the war started by Russia today will prevent major conflicts tomorrow.


The Germany for Americans Team


Germany is standing by Israel and is seeking to bring about de-escalation

At this moment, there is only one place for Germany: alongside Israel.” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after the horrific terrorist attacks of Hamas. For Germany, it is clear that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens. To this end, Germany also supports Israel militarily. At the same time, the German government is committed to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian civilian population and has increased its humanitarian aid. In close coordination with the USA, Germany is working at all diplomatic levels for de-escalation and for the release of the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas.

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German Foreign Minister Baerbock continues diplomacy in the Middle East

De-escalation is a central objective of the German Foreign Minister's intensive diplomatic activities following Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel and the Israeli army's fight against Hamas. The aim is to find viable political solutions to the conflict and free the hostages.

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„Anti-Semitism ist not to be tolerated in any form - whatsoever!"

In a speech published on Twitter, German Vice-Chancellor Rober Habeck, who is also the country's Economics Minister, made it very clear that any form of anti-Semitism is unacceptable in Germany particularly in light of Germany's responsibility for the Holocaust. The speech went viral and was widely noticed both in Germany and abroad.

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Germany increases humanitarian assistance for people in the Palestinian territories

In response to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, Germany is increasing its humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian territories and is now contributing more than 160 million euros this year. The funding supports essential provisions like food, medical care, and hygiene products for the civilian population, emphasizing Germany's commitment to helping Palestinian civilians during this crisis.

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Germany is the largest donor to Ukraine after the U.S. and is planning to increase its aid further in 2024

While all eyes are on Israel´s fight against the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza, Ukraine´s defense against Putin´s war of aggression continuous with great intensity. With $ 26 billion of direct support for Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens since February 2022 Germany is the most important donor in Europe. The German Government is planning a massive expansion of aid to Ukraine in 2024.


Siemens to invest more than US$500 million in U.S. manufacturing for critical infrastructure in 2023 creating 1,700 jobs

Siemens announced an investment of US$150 million in a new high-tech manufacturing plant in Dallas-Fort Worth to help power American data centers and critical infrastructure. Furthermore, Siemens announced a US$220 million investment in a new rail manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina, earlier this year. Construction of this facility is now underway. In addition, the company is investing in two electrical-products manufacturing plants in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Pomona, California. These projects bring the overall investment in the U.S. this year to US$510 million, which will create 1,700 jobs in the U.S. as a result.

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German businesses is investing in Ukraine

German businesses plan to increase their investments in Ukraine despite the ongoing war, with a focus on expanding partnerships with Ukrainian firms. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged long-term support for Ukraine's reconstruction at the 6th German-Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin.

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... that Germany’s modernized immigration law creates more opportunities for attractive careers in Germany?

Germany is set to implement new regulations aimed at streamlining and facilitating the immigration of skilled workers and university graduates. Starting in November, the reforms will gradually make it easier for skilled professionals from outside the EU to work in Germany.

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The NFL continues to play its games in Germany – and the Germans love it!

Three decades on from their first trip to Germany, the Kansas City Chiefs play two NFL games in Frankfurt this November. For Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the visit was a first, but for the NFL team that has won two of the last four Super Bowls, the trip to Germany marked an historic return. The 48,000-seat games were sold out, with even more fans eager for tickets.

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