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June was another eventful month. The first conference of German and American mayors was held in New York City, bringing together nearly 30 mayors to discuss urban development and shared challenges. The event aimed to enhance the transatlantic exchange of ideas on issues such as infrastructure, smart cities, and the political, economic, and social challenges facing cities. Ambassador Michaelis emphasized the importance of municipal connections in addressing global issues and strengthening the bilateral relationship between Germany and the United States.

On June 11 and 12, Berlin hosted the Ukraine Recovery Conference, which brought together 3,400 participants from all sectors of society to consolidate international support for Ukraine’s recovery, reconstruction and reform. The conference underscored Germany’s commitment to supporting Ukraine as its second largest military and humanitarian donor, and as a long-term partner assisting Ukraine on its path to reconstruction and into the EU. More about the conference, as well as the latest about Ukraine, is in today’s newsletter excerpts.

Moreover, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visited Israel for the eighth time since the Hamas attack last October. During her visit, she delivered a keynote speech at the Herzliya Security Conference, making clear what Germany’s commitment to Israel’s immediate as well as lasting security means. “In order to build lasting security, it’s now crucial to find ways to stop the violence in Gaza and end the fighting on a permanent basis,” said the Minister. She also called on Hamas to end the horror and release the hostages.

And finally, we are eagerly watching the games of the Euro 2024, which are being hosted by Germany this year. Germany plays Spain on Friday in the quarter-final. The finals will be held on July 14. Who do you think will win the championship?


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German Foreign Minister Baerbock Affirms Commitment to Israel's Security at Herzliya Conference

Foreign Minister Baerbock delivered a keynote speech at the Herzliya Security Conference in Tel Aviv in June. She spoke about Germany’s commitment to Israel’s immediate as well as lasting security & outlined elements that will be key for preparing a way out of the conflict.

Read her speech

EU Begins Membership Talks with Ukraine and Moldova, Adopts New Sanctions Against Russia

This month, EU countries officially commenced membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova, asserting that Ukraine is part of the European family. The European Union also pledged long-term military, financial, diplomatic, and humanitarian support to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the agreement during a summit of EU leaders in Brussels. Moreover, the EU Council adopted a new sanctions package against Russia in response to its ongoing war in Ukraine, emphasizing EU unity.

Learn more here

Germany Honors 80th Anniversary of D-Day; Chancellor Scholz Attends Commemoration in France

80 years ago on June 5, Allied troops landed on the coast of Normandy. "D-Day marked the beginning of the end of Nazi tyranny and paved the way for a democratic Germany," Ambassador Michaelis said. "Freedom came at a high price. We'll never forget our liberators' sacrifices." To mark the occasion, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz took part in the commemoration ceremony in France.

Read an article by the Federal Chancellor

Historian Anne Applebaum to receive Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

Anne Applebaum, an expert on Eastern European history, will receive the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Among those congratulating her was Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, acknowledging her significant contributions to historical scholarship and her courageous stance against authoritarianism. "She always spoke out in defense of freedom and peace," Ambassador Michaelis tweeted.

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Berlin Hosts Ukraine Recovery Conference: Germany Reinforces Commitment to Ukraine’s Reconstruction and EU Path

On June 11 and 12, Berlin held the Ukraine Recovery Conference, gathering 3,400 attendees from various sectors to unite international backing for Ukraine’s recovery, rebuilding, and reforms. The event highlighted Germany's dedication to aiding Ukraine, being its second-largest military and humanitarian benefactor, and a steadfast ally in Ukraine's reconstruction journey and EU integration. "Every day Ukrainian men and women defend their country against brutal Russian attacks, which are targeted against the country’s lifelines," Minister Baerbock said ahead of the conference. "Ukraine is with great determination also defending our free European way of life. As it does, we continue to provide Ukraine with extensive support with economic, humanitarian and political assistance, and by delivering urgently needed weapons."

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U.S. and German Officials Discuss Space Collaboration in Berlin

US-German cooperation extends to the stars! In June, U.S. and German officials met in Berlin for the inaugural U.S.-Germany Space Dialogue to discuss ongoing and future collaborations in space exploration and Earth science. Leaders emphasized their commitment to NASA's Artemis campaign, which aims to bring back humans to the moon, and the GRACE-C mission, which aims to study Earth's gravity changes. They also shared information on national space policies and expressed a desire for continued cooperation in addressing climate change, national security, and commercial space opportunities.

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Volkswagen to Invest Up to $5 Billion in U.S. EV Maker Rivian

German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced in June it will invest up to $5 billion in Rivian, an electric truck manufacturer based in the U.S. The partnership aims to enhance Volkswagen's software capabilities and provide Rivian with manufacturing expertise and financial support. A win-win!

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German Ambassador Discusses U.S.-Germany Ties and Global Strategy on New York Stock Exchange 'Floor Talk'

German Ambassador Andreas Michaelis visited the New York Stock Exchange and had a discussion with Judy Shaw on the show "Floor Talk" about the deep economic ties between the U.S. and Germany, the role of technology in future relations, Germany's Indo-Pacific strategy, and the Ukraine Recovery Conference.

Watch it here

Germany Sets Solar Power Production Record Amid Renewable Energy Surge

Germany's solar panels reached a new production record of 47,198 megawatts at midday Berlin time on June 25, according to data from the European Energy Exchange AG. Solar generation in Germany is expected to rise 34% this summer compared to last year, with the record likely to be broken again soon as capacity increases. Sunny weather across Europe has boosted solar output, lowering midday power prices.

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Wind Power Dominates German Energy, Coal Retains Significant Role

And in more energy news, wind power is once again the most important source of energy in Germany. However, coal also continues to account for a significant share.

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Ambassador Michaelis Honors Holocaust Survivor Irene Butter with Germany’s Highest Award

In June, Ambassador Michaelis bestowed Irene Butter with the Order of Merit, Germany’s highest honor. Irene, born in Berlin, survived two concentration camps and immigrated to the United States in 1945. For over 40 years, she has educated students about the Holocaust and its enduring lessons from those harrowing times. Irene has received numerous accolades, including recognition for her book “Shores Beyond Shores.”

Watch our video where she reminds us that to “never be a bystander”, that “one person can make a difference”.

German Fan Wows Euro 2024 Crowds with Saxophone Renditions of Popular Hits

While the Euro 2024 is ongoing, a spirited German supporter has captivated audiences with skillful saxophone performances of popular songs, adding a unique musical flair to the tournament's festivities and watch parties.

See it for yourself


German Embassy, EU Delegation in Washington, D.C. Join Local Pride Festivities Ahead of World Pride 2025

The German Embassy joined the Capitol Pride Parade alongside friends from the EU Delegation and various other embassies, marking a celebration of Pride Month and demonstrating solidarity with the LGBTIQA+ community. We were delighted at the strong turnout and enthusiastic participation at the event.

Watch a recap

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